Images of a Queen

Diana Mandache
Rosvall Royal Books, Falkping, Sweden, 2007
ISBN 91-975671-2-4

Book Launch - Bucharest, 29 October 2007
Review by Charlotte Zeepvat
Review by Coryne Hall
Author with the Royal Family, Royal National Day 2008

Majesty Magazine Book of the Month November 2007

This book is the first pictorial chronicle of the former Princess Marie of Edinburgh, granddaughter of Queen Victoria and Tsar Alexander II, illustrating the life, times and legacy of this flamboyant Balkan monarch of English and Russian extraction. It presents a vivid insight into European royal circles and the momentous events of the Tate Victorian era and the inter-war period.

Queen Marie of Romania is famous not only for her glamorous lifestyle and literary pursuits but also for her charitable work on the frontline during the First World War and the unofficial diplomatic representation of her country at the post-war peace conference.

She was a highly-qualified witness of a period of great historical upheavals and transformations, and this record in fascinating images is a fitting tribute to her memory.

Dr. Diana Mandache is a Romanian historian who has specialised in European royal history with over two decades activity. She worked at the Cotroceni Royal Palace Museum and undertook research and teaching assignments at UK and US universities and archives, which resulted in the publication of a series of acclaimed books on the subject of Romanian royal history: Americans and Queen Marie of Romania, and Later Chapters of My Life: The Lost Memoir of Queen Marie of Romania. She is an independent scholar and also works as the history editor for one of the leading Romanian publishing houses. Dr. Mandache may be contacted at

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