The Story of My Life - Volume One by Marie Queen of Roumania

  1 Myself. (From the portrait by Sir J. E. Millais at Windsor) Frontispiece
  2 My Mother in the Eastwell Days
  3 Grand Duchess Serge, Sister of the Empress Alexandra (From a portrait by Fr. Von Kaulbach)
  4 Myself at the Age of Ten
  5 My Father, Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh, Later Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha
  6 My Sisters and I
  7 Lilies in my garden on the Black Sea
  8 "Aunt Alix"; The Princess of Wales (Queen Alexandra)
  9 "Grandmamma Queen"; Queen Victoria
10 "Grandpapa Emperor"; The Emperor Alexander II
11 "Grandmamma Empress," with my brother Alfred as baby
12 "Aunt Miechen"; Marie Pavlovna, Grand Duchess Vladimir of Russia
13 "Uncle Serge"; Grand Duke Serge, Fourth son of Alexander II
14 Zina, Duchess Of Leuchtenberg, Princesse de Beauharnais
15 "Aunt Ella the Beautiful"; Grand Duchess Serge of Russia
16 We three Sisters on horseback at Malta
17 Papa in his old Russian costume
18 A Picnic at one of the Malta Forts. My Mother, Capt. Bourke, Col. Slade, My Sisters and I
19 "Captain Dear"; our great friend, Maurice A. Bourke, R.N.
20 "Cousin George" on "Real Jam"; The Duke of York (George V)
21 Characteristic View of Malta
22 The Old Coburg Fortress
23 My Brother Alfred at the age of Eighteen
24 "Uncle Paul." My Mother's youngest brother
25 "Cousin Charly "; The Princess of Saxe-Meiningen
26 My Bridegroom, The Crown Prince Ferdinand of Roumania
27 The Castle of Sigmaringen
28 My Father-In-Law, Fürst Leopold Of Hohenzollern—in the Robes of the Black Eagle
29 King Carol of Roumania
30 Carmen Sylva as she was when I first saw her
31 As Bride, Aged 16, in the Roumanian dress sent me by the King Of Roumania
32 "Sister Baby"
33 Our first married picture